There are many talented people around us with whom it is a pleasure not only to spend time, but also to create something new. One such person is Kay Abdullayeva, the founder of “Enjoy Dark Chocolate”. Together we work on a gift packages concept and organise events like Christmas Gift Fair 2015 in Melbourne. The Fair was our first, but not last cooperation experience. 

Suzzana Iomdin is a gifted Israeli painter. Her amasing illustrations leave no one indifferent, lifting the mood and adding colours to our lives. During her studies at the College of Graphic Design, Suzanne became addicted to a rare, requiring maximum attention and patience, art – painting on textile. Suzanna worked with Birka Design to create the humourous “Cats” series. The well-loved cats are featured now on a variety of products: t-shirts, postcards, and mugs. And that is just the beginning!

Our innovative cooperation with Elena Акsenova was my first, but still the favourite project.  Since her early years Elena was a very creative person and she brought her creativity into her job as an architect and interiors designer.  In addition, Elena got involved with nuno felting (an Australian felting technique). Together we created a series of woman shoulder bags, combining together felt and glass materials. 

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