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  • 23.05.2016


    My friends know that I am crazy about Spain. So you can expect many more posts about it :) Spain is strongly associated with many significant and pleasant moments of my life. Regardless, this country inexplicably attracts by its absolutely unique and colourful atmosphere. No wonder it gave birth to so many geniuses! Every time I visit Spain my appetite for destruction creation skyrockets! This post is about Spain's capital city - Madrid, my love.

    The City of colours, yellow, red, pink... endless palaces, parks, fountains, restaurants, tourists, gallant gents and beautiful dams... a mixture of scents and sounds.

    The City, in which you cannot not fall in love with...

    The City, where you cannot not fall in love...

    The City, where you want to give love...

    Famous market

    Madrid in autumn is especially magnificent

    People say - Tel- Aviv lives 24/7, Moscow lives 24/7... Nope... MADRID LIVES 24/7!!! Madrid is full of joy, every day of the week, morning till morning.  I love Madrilènes :)

    Where (and where not) to eat in Madrid?

    Once I came upon a fantastic installation made at the entrance to a vegan restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is located in Madrid and added it to my next visit plans (although I am a very much "meat" person). Unfortunately, the installation was temporary and was removed by the time we got there. We saw no sense in eating "grass" at the otherwise ordinary place. Lucky for us, Madrid offers a huge variety of places to eat (unless it's a siesta time! :) )

    That restaurant is one of our favourites. Eating there, each time we visit, became a tradition. Hemingway mentioned "Botin" in two of his story, and rightfully so. "Botin" is the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness World Records (http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/76907-oldest-restaurant). It is still run by the same family and it seems like nothing has changed there.

    The service is warm and nice, without any posh extras. The kitchen... well the kitchen you'll have to try by yourself. The best "gaspacho" I tried, was there (I am still trying to figure out what is the secret of this soup). I would recommend "solomillo" or a baked piglet. And, of course, sangria in their branded pitchers. Watch your steps, after your drink it!

    If you plan on visiting Madrid - I would recommend having a meal in "Botin"!

    In my last visit to Madrid I discovered the "Coca de Vidrio" - yaaaaaaaaaaammi!

    I can talk about Madrid forever. Despite knowing this City quite well, I keep discovering something new every time I go there. Hope to get back to Madrid soon! 



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